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The IMCORE project ran from 2008 to 2011 and was funded under the EU Interreg IVB programme.

VIDEO: David Green, David Fryer and Peter Inglis share their views on the issues that affect Aberdeen and planning for adaptation to climate change


 "The city is susceptible to flash flooding and important infrastructure is at risk".  Conclusion from workshop   
"As scientists we need to help get accurate and meaningful messages across to the public. David Green
To make sure we reach out to the public we used advertising on local buses                     Guillaume de la Fons

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Practical tips for following the IMCORE approach to planning to adapt to coastal climate change 



Educating future generations about climate change is really very important as they will be the ones to experience the changes. It is important for people to understand what might happen, why, how and where. It is important for them to appreciate how climate change will affect them, and how they must adapt in order to adjust to such changes. Future generations need to know how they can adapt to their changing coast.

Climate change is a frequent topic in the media and press. It is necessary to ensure that raising awareness about what might happen and will happen reaches the public. Facts about climate change should be included in the school curriculum so that children understand what might happen, why it will happen and when it will happen.

Web/Media Communications
What we did

We created a website, a leaflet, a banner and a postcard. We advertised the IMCORE project at the University of Aberdeen Open day. Also, we advertised the project in a really innovative way by using the buses in Aberdeen to disseminate our message in the coastal community. All our documents are available on our website as well as the IMCORE website by our ECN document. Also, we had excellent press coverage for our ECN and the IMCORE project (TV, radio, newspaper and website). Also, we are going to present our outputs to some top coastal conference in the USA and Belgium as well as publishing science papers. With this excellent communication in our ECN we managed to reach more than 100 000 people at all level.

Why we did it

To provide a source of information for climate change to the local community and raise awareness.

What we achieved Reach more than 100 000 people at all level (coastal communities, coastal practitioners, scientists, politicians etc...)
What we learned

How to link a research program with effective communication (website, press and advertisement)


Please click on the links below for more information on the aberdeen climate change website, the coastal context leaflet, view the banner and postcard

The IMCORE bus advert streetliner is available here and the IMCORE bus advert interior panel and more pictures of the bus adverts in use.


Aberdeen ECN in the news:

- The Press and Journal (4th November 2010) - 'Scientists consider impact of climate change on coast'

- University of Aberdeen bulletin (December 2010) - 'Climate Change and Coastal Adaptation in NE Scotland'

- University of Aberdeen website - Impact of Climate Change on North East Coastline examined

- University of Aberdeen website - Buses take Climate Change issues into the community

- Aberdeen ECN on STV News (November 2010)

This learning portal brings together the results and lessons learned from the IMCORE project. This project was funded under the Interreg IVB programme from 2008 to 2011.

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