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The IMCORE project ran from 2008 to 2011 and was funded under the EU Interreg IVB programme.


Download the final Belgian Coastal Adaptation Strategy here

VIDEO: Frank Maes, Caroline Lootens and Miguel Berteloot explain the benefits of working together and the particularities of the Belgian Coast

 "The level of detail on scientific evidence has to be in balance with the scale and scope of the project. Time should not be wasted on too detailed research.             Frank Maes
Our stakeholders had difficulties to think outside the box of the preferred future, sectoral approach and the exiting institutional framework.                             Marian Willekens

Access or download overviews, tools, techniques and examples of visualisation tools, educational tools, legal and policy tools, future scenario techniques, etc

Practical tips for following the IMCORE approach to planning to adapt to coastal climate change 

stakeholdersWe were aware that raising awareness of our adaptation process and related activities was very important to engage our stakeholders to participate in our workshops. We send out invitations for our workshops to our initial contact list and we posted the invitations on several websites to inform a broader public. Also, the announcements of two of our workshops were posted in an é-magazine VLIZINE. We even got some regional publicity of a workshop through an article in a regional Fishery Magazine.

Because educating other generations is our main objective, we cooperated with the Aberdeen University to make a case study of our coast with some short exercises to provide active learning tasks about adaptation. They will be used at their institute.

Web communication
What we did

Communication of the adaptation process on the IMCORE website.

Why we did it

To give the participants of the workshops and people who are interested a clear picture of the adaptation process at the Belgian coast.

What we achieved Raise awareness of the IMCORE project and direct people to the website for further information.
Problems we had It took a while before the Belgian Expert Couplet page was operational.

Start from the beginning of the adaptation process with a clear website that attracts and informs people on the process.

What we learned

Nice images of the area and shocking images of the effects of climate change attracts the attention of the people


Regional communication
What we did

• Communication of the IMCORE workshops in VLIZINE magazine. This is an e-magazine which informs on activities and research projects related to marine and coastal science.

• Communication of the IMCORE workshops on divers websites, e.g. CLIMAR-partners.

• Article on the workshop on Fisheries in Visserijblad.

Why we did it

To raise awareness of the IMCORE project and to inform a broader public on the IMCORE workshops

What we achieved Other people who were not in our initial contact list participated the workshop

Click here to download the Announcement Workshop in VLIZINE 

Click here to download the Announcement final Workshop in VLIZINE

Click here to download the Invitation Workshop 2008 'Coastal Flooding'

Click here to download the Invitation Workshop 2008 'Fisheries'

Click here to download the Invitation Workshop 2009 'The possible consequences of climate change in the marine environment in the coastal zone'

Click here to download the Invitation Workshop 2010 'Tourism'

Click here to download the Article Visserijblad on Workshop CLIMAR Fisheries December 2008 (Dutch)


Educational materials case study
What we did

We made a case study document where we presented the historical context, drivers and issues arising from climate change in our area with the most up to date scientific evidence.

Why we did it

The case study will offer the reader the opportunity to learn about and increase their understanding of the subject, suggest documents which provide further useful information, and use the experiences of IMCORE partners and ECNs to help them in their own work.

What we achieved Packages of training materials that include some short exercises with answers in order to provide an active learning task to the reader.

For more information seelinks below:

Click here to download the Belgian Case Study

Click here to download the Belgian case study educational materials

Click here to download the Belgian case study educational materials

Click here to download the Template for your own case study area

This learning portal brings together the results and lessons learned from the IMCORE project. This project was funded under the Interreg IVB programme from 2008 to 2011.

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