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The IMCORE project ran from 2008 to 2011 and was funded under the EU Interreg IVB programme.

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''We now have a better understanding of the effect of climate change''



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TOOL REVIEW: ''We now have a better understanding of the effect of climate change''

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Reviewed by: David R. Green and Guillaume De La Fons, University of Aberdeen

1. Why did you use this tool and what for?

The Belgian coast case study educational material (short version) about the effects of flooding due to climate change is really interesting. The questions will help people to develop their critical thinking skills on the evolution, the effects and the prevention of flooding due to climate change.

2. What changes resulted from using this tool?

We now have a better understanding of the effect of climate change on the Belgium coast. Also, the figures about the correlation between wave and wing speed and the graphs about the trend of seal level rise are totally relevant to any climate change study and therefore worth to consider for other area of study.

3. What worked well and what would you have done differently?

The questions are relevant and educational about climate change issues. There is no need to change anything.

4. Did you tailor this tool in any way to meet your specific needs?

No, the case study meets perfectly our needs.

5. Was it cost-effective? In terms of economic cost but also in terms of human resources and time.

This case study could be completed in 1h30.

6. Tips or recommendations to practitioners considering using this tool.

This case study is a good introduction to the impact of flooding due to climate change. The questions which focus on Belgium could be quite easily used to study another territory.

This is a really useful tool which can be used in class (college/university).

Do not look at the answers before having answering them.

This learning portal brings together the results and lessons learned from the IMCORE project. This project was funded under the Interreg IVB programme from 2008 to 2011.

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